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National Federation High School Rules To Supplement Rules of Dixie Boys, 15U, and Dixie Majors!

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Dixie Boy’s ultimate goal was to establish supporting rules that are easiest to administer; while also having the capability to fully supplement the existing rules of our program.  In all situations, we will continue to administer our Dixie rules as found in our book and then revert to the use of the supporting rules of NFHS for any rule not covered in our book.  The National Federation of High Schools and their member associations are to be commended for the excellent job they do in providing services for student/athletes. Order from NFHS website



2021 changes to the Dixie Boys official rules are found in our published edition as well as the electronic copy that is located on our website. It is important that we continue to relay information to our current franchised leagues, potential   teams/leagues, participants, and the umpires. Communication by everyone involved with the program is essential. The Dixie organization has the flexibility to institute rule change suggestions for any rule that would be found in any current year NFHS Rule Book.  In other words, Dixie Boys Baseball rules are the prerogative of the organization and this has not changed.  If anything, going forward the organization has much more of a say in the rules that govern the programs.  



Not all National Federation High School rules are currently viewed as the best fit for our program. As a prime example, Dixie Boys/Majors Baseball should be very proud of the steps taken regarding our pitching rules. NFHS pitching rules differ by state. Most youth organizations have now instituted pitch count rules instead of the traditional innings pitched rules. We are proud to say that Dixie Boys Baseball was a leader (2008) in the movement to protect those that pitch in youth baseball.



Our mission is to provide all youth the opportunity to play baseball.  We have a wide range of ages and skill levels among our participants.  It is important that we never lose sight of what might be beneficial for a high school age participant might not be the best fit for a young man that has not reached puberty.  For this reason alone it is important that we have the flexibility to determine our rules. The leagues are in the best position to know what works at the local level. Equally the board of directors through their experiences with youth baseball should be fully attuned to the needs of the participant.